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ASAS Training

ASAS Training Programs:

We are proud to bring to our customer the best-of-breed training programs, the following is a shortlist of ASAS offered training courses:

Influence Skills and Communication:

  • Persuasive Communication
  • ┬áThe Art of Communications
  • Successful Negotiator


  • ┬áManaging Innovation
  • Intelligent Risk-Taking
  • Creating a Culture for Risk and Innovation

Debate , Negotiation , and Conflict Management

  • Constructive Debate
  • Constructive Negotiation
  • Con_ict Management
  • Building Working Relationships

Professional Development:

  • Emotional Capability Profile
  • Professional Manager
  • Chronos


  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Leadership Practices for Innovative Organizations
  • Building High Performance Team
  • Leadership Equity Assessment
  • Managing Performance

Strategic Approaches

  • Corporation & Beyond
  • Customer Experience Management

Sales and Marketing Management

  • Persuasive Salesperson
  • Cracking Sales Management Code (CSMC)
  • Sales Competency Assessment
  • Breakthrough Account Analysis

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