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Dear Valued site visitor, Good day,We launched ASAS male and female training centers be the first step for building a network of sophisticated chain of training and development centers serving he community and public sectors. Our objective is to be a contributing community institute and effective in raising productivity efficiency and to develop competent workforce that are able to compete in a most competitive work environments.

We aim at offering distinctive training programs to meet the job market demands of skilled resources. We strictly adhere to The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation guidelines and capitalize on TVTC developments. ASAS gives high priority to social responsibility in all aspects and looks forward to working together with charity organizations, public, private, and non-profit organizations operating in the region in order to enrich the community professionally. We consider ASAS partners key to our success and work closely with ready interest to contribute to the success of initiatives in the same area. Warm regards, Chief Executive Tawfiq Jassim Algargoush

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